Learning Experience – September 27/28 – THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE!

You read about the roles of the President and saw all of the benefits the President receives … but how does a person get that job with the cool White House? The Electoral College, of course – one of the most confusing parts of the American political system.  The system is set up in Article II of the Constitution (you read about it, right?), and we will examine it in detail in or next class.

YOUR TARGET – I can explain and evaluate the presidential election process.

To prepare …

Check out the road to the White House using the Road to the White House in Five Minutes infographic and the How to Become President of the United States Poster.  These should give you an idea of how someone “throws the hat into the ring” and becomes a candidate for the Presidency. Once you get the idea, move to the next step!

Now, front-load your brain on the Electoral College by taking some notes (Electoral College Notes) about the Electoral College using the sweet voice thread below or at this link, past and present.  Come up with some questions along the way and post them on this chat (with your name)!   We will apply this prodigious knowledge in class on Thursday, so please be prepared!

Play Win the White House from iCivics or more Electoral College fun … and you can also use some of the sites below to get a better understanding of the Electoral College.

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