The Constitution In Action Today


I can select and utilize appropriate resources to support an idea or argument.
I can apply the Constitution to current society.
I can summarize information from a primary or secondary source.
I can communicate analysis and opinions clearly and properly.

It was written over 200 years ago … is it still relevant today?  Yup – and your challenge is to prove it.   Your task is to find recent examples of the Constitution in action by scanning the news resources listed, summarizing the articles completely, and explaining the part of the Constitution that applies.

You are required to find and post AT LEAST THREE articles, and you can’t repeat any major topic.  These should not be blogs or opinion pieces – they should be an actual news article.  Your articles must be dated in 2016.  Scan the newspaper in the morning or afternoon, chat about the news with your parents, friends, and teachers,  and most importantly, don’t just google a term – you will get some crazy resources.

THE TOPICS – Federalism and the 10th Amendment in Action / Congress in Action / The President and/or Executive Branch in Action / The Judicial Branch in Action / The First Amendment in Action / Amendments 2-9 in Action / Any other Constitutional Principle in Actions

THE RESOURCESCNN / JS Online / USA Today / Washington Post / New York Times / Chicago Tribune

Check out the example below:

The Supreme Court just dealt the Confederate flag a blow. Here’s how. 

The Supreme Court decided in a close 5-4 decision that a Texas decision to not have the Confederate flag on one of their vanity license plates did not violate the 1st Amendment right to free speech of car drivers. In their decision, the majority justices ruled that license plates are examples of government speech, arguing that “The governmental nature of the plates is clear from their faces: the State places the name “TEXAS” in large letters across the top of every plate.” Since the plates aren’t personal speech, the 1st Amendment does not apply.  The ruling doesn’t make it illegal to have the Confederate flag on state license plates; it just means that states can opt not to allow it. And, a person can have a bumper sticker of of the Confederate flag on their car if they choose, as that form of speech is protected.

For each article, you should:

  • Include the title of the article and an embedded link to the article
  • Summarize the entire article in four to five sentences.
  • Explain how the Constitution or a Constitutional principle is in action, including the part of the Constitution that applies.
  • Check your conventions and spelling.

Collect all of your work on THE OFFICIAL CONSTITUTION IN ACTION TODAY document which has been shared with you already! You will share it with Taft on Google Classroom once you are complete.  Happy hunting!


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