The Controversial Presidency of Andrew Jackson – Assignment Rocktober 21

There may not be a more controversial American from “The Growing Nation” era (or any era) than Andrew Jackson.  He has a state capitol named for him, countless statues created in his honor (including one across the street from the White House), and is featured on the $20 bill – for now. He is also despised by Native Americans today, became wealthy through slavery, and is being removed from one of our most common paper currencies.  Jackson’s shifting legacy is one that we can look at (on the surface) as we examine the antebellum era.  This leads to our target – I can present and assess the era of Andrew Jackson in both positive and negative terms.

To begin an examination of Andrew Jackson, check out the introduction of Jackson’s presidency below, and then it is time to dig in.  Using your Jackson handout, take detailed notes on observations of historians as well as the major events of his Presidency to get an overall view of the 7th President – and to hit the target!

Want more on the controversy?  How about the closing of Andrew Jackson from the History Channel and History vs. Andrew Jackson from James Fester and Ted-Ed.

FINALLY – Post the following information on the bulleting board for your history section – Jax Section 1 / Jax Section 2 / Jax Section 3 / Jax Section 4 / Jax Section 5

  • ONE WORD (or short phrase) that represents President Andrew Jackson – but no repeats!
  • ONE SENTENCE that explains your opinion (celebrate or denounce) President Jackson, including your specific reason or thesis
  • ONE QUESTION that you want answered about the presidency of Andrew Jackson and his legacy

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