OVER HERE – for March 1/2

What was the impact of the Great War in the United States?  Use Over Here – The American Home Front  to complete the general information as well as the specific role sheet presented to you in class.  You will share your story (and a primary source or two) with everyone in our next class. If you don’t fill in all of the notes on your note sheet, you should be all right – but you have to be prepared for your role!

You should also take a look at how the Great War affected Wisconsin.  I have a podcast you should listen to regarding Milwaukee (there is a topic for notes on your Home Front handout), and you can also check out some of the following links below – mostly because you love history and Wisconsin …

  • Through The World Wars at the Wisconsin Veteran Museum – you may have been here in 4th grade – and you can visit it for extra credit over the next couple of weeks!
  • Roses of No Man’s Land and Eyes of the Army – Two very cool sites from the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, chock full of primary sources!

Want to see some WWI love in the Cream City?  Check out the Milwaukee WWI Memorial Flagpole!

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