In class March 9 – 20s Buckets and Advertisements!


20sbucketHow about those 20’s themes?  Starting to get the hang of them? As we examine the 20s, fill up your theme buckets with topics and ideas.  This should make it easy to wrote two paragraphs, don’t you think?

Business Boom (BB) / Consumer Society (CS) /  Entertainment & Leisure (ME) / Social Change (SC) / Conservative Politics (CP) / Cultural Conflict (CC

You can (and must) answer this essential question by writing two paragraphs, one for each perspective. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence with a clear and original thesis / key idea and specific supporting historical details to help prove the thesis. You do NOT need to explain everything about the 20s – just make sure you have an original thought supported in each well-written paragraph.

In class today, you will be looking at one aspect of the 1920s – advertising.  With your partners, search for 1920s advertising and spend about five minutes seeing what you find. What are the characteristics of these ads?  Can you make one?  Let’s do it!

You will receive a 1920s topic in class today, and your goal is to create an advertisement that describes the historical topic and “sells” the topic’s importance to your classmates. Your process is as follows …

  • Research your topic for 10-15 minutes to find out the basic information and importance the topic had in relation to the 1920s (and the present).
  • Create a visual/print advertisement (one page of a Word or Pages document, saved as a PDF) in the tradition of the 1920s. The ad should have visuals and a catch phrase or slogan that helps sell the topic’s importance in the 20s (and today, if possible).
  • Create a 20-30 second radio advertisement to go along with the print ad. The radio advertisement should provide some essential information about the topic and discuss the importance of the topic in the 20s (and today, if possible). The radio ad should be saved as an .mp3.
  • SAVE BOTH ADVERTISEMENTS and upload them on Google Classroom. We will use these in class on Tuesday and Wednesday for a little bit of 1920s MADNESS.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 3.16.02 PM


The Twenties – Roar or Yawn?

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