1920s Social Luminaries

The 1920s was known for great personalities – and you will be one of them at a social gathering on THURSDAY, MARCH 17 (yes, St. Patty’s Day!)  To prepare for the event, your task is to develop a  FIRST PERSON BIOGRAPHY (two to three well written and complete paragraphs) that discusses your achievements IN THE 20S  AND why you are such an important figure from the 1920s.  You must include a PRIMARY SOURCE QUOTE in your biography, and use it to tell part of your impact as a “luminary” in the 20s. You should also bring in a PICTURE of yourself AND one ARTIFACT (real, fake, printed, etc., but NOT your photo) that tells something about yourself and your impact on society during the decade. You must also include a SAYING or PHRASE (real or made up) that summarizes your importance. You must also post your IMAGE and SAYING or PHRASE on your speakeasy ONLINE BOARD by Thursday.

Check out some examples to help – Taft is Calvin Coolidge, and here are the artifacts, Doc is Dorothy Parker. Notice that my content RESOURCES are CITED … (and you can use one or two resources – that’s enough.  I would go with History Channel or a quick search for a bio. Focus on the 20s!)


Speakeasy 1 (English 5) / Speakeasy 2  (English 4, History 4)/ Speakeasy 3 (English 3, History 3)

Use the links online to help you find more information about your individual.  Remember – discuss your IMPACT and how you represent one of the themes of the 1920s!  You can also spice up your discussions on Thursday with some neato 20s lingo.

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