Hey President Hoover! In class and assignment April 4-5

It’s me – The guy in the White House when the Depression started!

You have heard some of the basics about the Depression – the stats are pretty … well … depressing, right?  What did the President at the time do in response to the economic crisis?  You watched a brief overview of Herbert Hoover’s response, but let’t get into a little more detail by interviewing the 31st President.  Try to find out some of the answers to the questions for President Hoover using the the following links: President Hoover , The Bonus ArmyHoover’s Last Stand, and “President Hoover and the Failure of Conservativism to Ease the Great Depression”,  the videos “Welcome to Hooverville” and “The Bonus Army”, and the “Life in the Bonus Army” scrapbook below.


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