Learning Experience April 5-6 – Life During the Depression

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 7.47.08 AMYou have seen many of the effects of the Depression on the general public, and also a little bit about the approach of the Hoover administration.  What about specific groups of the population that were affected in various ways?  Remember, the Depression only directly affected one-third of the population – but those that were hit really suffered!  you will be one of those people in our next class as we share depressing stories created by … YOU!

You will be given a role for the next class and will have the opportunity to create a “scrapbook” page that summarizes your life during the depression.  Consult your section of the LifeDuringtheGreatDepression
Life During the Depression” reading and follow the instructions and rubric carefully.  An Last Hired - Life in the Depression example
example of an African American during the Depression is available here!


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