Learning Experience April 5-6 – Life During the Depression

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 7.47.08 AMYou have seen many of the effects of the Depression on the general public, and also a little bit about the approach of the Hoover administration.  What about specific groups of the population that were affected in various ways?  Remember, the Depression only directly affected one-third of the population – but those that were hit really suffered!  you will be one of those people in our next class as we share depressing stories created by … YOU!

You will be given a role for the next class and will have the opportunity to create a “scrapbook” page that summarizes your life during the depression.  Consult your section of the  Life During the Depression” reading LifeDuringtheGreatDepression
Life During the Depression” reading and follow the instructions and rubric carefully.  An Last Hired - Life in the Depression example
example of an African American during the Depression is available here!


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