Assignment April 18/19 – Finish the New Deal

Our Greatest President- (1)What’s the big deal about the New Deal?  You should have a good idea by the time you finish your New Deal study guide, using  the New Deal Study Guide resource page.

On the final part of the assignment about the legacy of the New Deal, be complete!

Part of your assignment is to post and describe AT LEAST one recent article, image, or video about something in our current society that relates to some aspect, argument, or program originating during the New Deal.  The catch – YOU CAN’T MAKE ANY REPEATS IN YOUR PERIOD – first posted, first served. Post on the proper section, and include a short explanation and your name.

NewDealToday1_16 / NewDealToday2_16 / NewDealToday3_16 / NewDealToday4_16 / NewDealToday5 16


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