Weekend assignment – Civil Rights Today

It’s been over 50 years since Martin Luther King Jr. outlined his dream to 250,000 Americans in Washington D.C. and millions more watching and listening at home. Has America become the land of equality that King spoke of in his famous speech – for all people? Are all Americans judged by the content of the character, and not by the color of their skin? What about gender? Any other areas that apply?

Over the weekend, your task is to take about 20-30 minutes and pre-load on a few topics …

First (10 minutes) – What are the major civil rights issues in society today? Search CNN and Google News, chat with your parents, and add to this common bulletin board with any links, images, stories, statistics, or anything else you find.

Then (10-20 minutes), check out the resources HERE and start to THINK about what the statistics show in regards to the status of Americans today.  Try to do comparison of various qualifiers of people – gender and race are obviously the top two. We will look at this information in large groups on Monday. These numbers are great conversation topics at home!

Finally (as much as you want), consider your lesson from the movement, and how you think the lesson can benefit both society and you as an individual.

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