I can explain the major events and ideas of the Cold War and discuss their impact on domestic and international relations.


 Now that you understand the big picture of the Cold War, it’s time to start to dig into the events and ideas that dominated American foreign-policy and, for the most part, America on the domestic front for almost 40 years.

Your first task is to ask your parents about their Cold War memories – it should make interesting dinner conversation!

Your assignment for our next class meeting is to examine the early years of the Cold War.  Begin by readingAllies to Enemies: Origins of the Cold War from ABC CLIO (usmstudent, historyrules) to get a solid overview of the beginning of the conflict.  Then, dig into the era by creating a series of online trading cards about the major events and ideas listed below.  You can create these using this template – or you can go with Google docs as well.  Split the topics up – don’t try to do them all in one sitting!     For each, you should have a title, an essential image, and a brief description of the topic and its impact.  You can use the Yalta Conference card as a guide.

Try to get as far as you can … hopefully you will enjoy this last major topic in 8th grade American Studies!

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