The Korean War – Please don’t forget it

Do you have a good idea of the causes, events, and impact of the Korean War now, young Cold War historians?  Do you understand the importance of the Korean War Veterans Memorial that we visited in DC? To review, check out some of the following resources for a few minutes –  The Korean War from the History Channel,  The battles, weapons and casualties of the Korean War  infographic from Prafulla, videos – (usmstudent, wildcats) – Start of the Korean War,MacArthur Dismissed and Korean Armistice,  Days that Shook the World – Korean War – June 25, 1950Turning Points in US History – The Korean War

Want to see more about the ongoing tension between North Korea and South Korea today? Curious about how the Korean DMZ is a sober reminder of uneasy truce? Check out the Border Battle infographic, and the video below will give you more info about the DMZ, if you are interested!

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