Remember back in February, when you learned all about the fun world of editorial cartoons?  Here’s another cool tidbit of info – cartoonists LOVED the Cold War, because they always had something to draw about if they had artist’s block! Let’s see what you can do with cartoons and the Cold War!

I can create an original and effective editorial cartoon using cartooning techniques.

Your task is to draw an ORIGINAL EDITORIAL CARTOON about ANY topic (specific or general) dealing with the Cold War.

  • Make sure you have an ISSUE as the subject of your cartoon.  The reader should be able to identify the historical topic (without too much obvious info)
  • Utilize some of the TECHNIQUES you have seen in the past few months – symbolism, analogy, stereotype, exaggeration, caricature, references, sarcasm – but you can’t use them all
  • Have a clear and insightful comment (or thesis) – but not one that is too obvious
  • Pay attention to neatness and detail, and make it more than just a series of scratches on a piece of paper
  • Draw it on a full sheet of unlined printer paper, and hand it in WITH YOUR NAME ON THE BACK.

HINT – The easiest way to create a cartoon is to think of your comment (thesis) first, then apply one or two of the techniques. Take a look at your trading cards for a topic!

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