ASSIGNMENT August 29 – My American Story Pop Up Museum Exhibit


TARGET – I can clearly represent and present represent my American story in oral and written form. 

I was first exposed to the concept of the pop-up museum at the NCSS conference in Boston in 2014. As I sat in a great presentation by Melissa Nies and Michelle DelCarlo, it became quickly apparent that this was something that would be a great opener for our examination of America’s story – I even tweeted the idea that day in November! The concept of a pop-up museum  is exactly what it sounds like – A collection of artifacts that are brought impromptu to a location, leading to a museum that “pops up” where there was not one before.

On Tuesday, our Pop Up Museum  will be devoted to the idea of the American story. We would like you to bring in some sort of artifact or a mini exhibit that represents your American story, your family’s American story, or part of the American story that is important to you.  you can have a picture, an object, a document, or a combination! You should also have a written(typed) interpretation of your artifact, no bigger than a half piece of paper. Your goal in your pop up exhibit is to represent and explain something that helps tell your American story, and/or your vision of America’s story.  

You will be presenting your artifact tomorrow in a gallery walk, and collectively we will see and discuss an incredible array of personal connection to America’s story!

There is no need for a huge elaborate display – the artifact(s) and a printed summary is fine. Want to see a couple of examples? Check out Doc’s personal item and Taft’s historical artifacts.

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