In Class January 31- Some West, some NHD

Historians – Sorry I am out today – we can keep moving forward with the West, and also spend some time on the finishing touches of NHD.  Here’s what you should do in class on Tuesday (in any order):


Make sure you have complete notes for Analyzing the West and that your have a competed Lego West figure and thesis, with a written statement in first person supporting the thesis on the back or different page. We will use these on Thursday.

Take two fun quizzes – Would you make a good Homesteader? and Test Your True Grit.

If you haven’t done so yet, watch  The Transcontinental Railroad, The Buffalo and Native Americans, American Buffalo, The Last of the Sioux, The Battle at Little Bighorn (sorry about all the commercials)

What are your thoughts on the Indian mascot controversy? Check out Proud to BeGovernor Scott Walker signs Indian mascot bill into lawDo Native American mascots offend or honor?Native Americans Review “Indian” Sports Mascots and Should Native American mascots be banned? – you can chat with people about it as well.  When you are done, post your opinions in this form. Want to see a list of Native American themed mascots?


Make sure you are all set for Thursday evening. I sent yo an email last week with all of the details.  I NEED YOU TO ENTER YOUR OFFICIAL TITLE INTO THIS DOCUMENT.  If you have questions or need last minute help with your project, shoot me an email – I can Skype or Face Time, no problem.




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