The Cold War keeps getting hotter … for Friday May 26

How did the Cold War change American foreign policy?

How did the Cold War change American life at home?

These essential questions should be on the forefront of your mind as you examine the Cold War era. You learned to story of the Korean War in class, which set the stage for continued conflict in the Cold War.   Want a laugh or two?  Check out the videos that helped people prepare for a nuclear attack with Bert the Turtle  of how to tell if someone was communist.

Use the links provided below (or ones that you find) to fill in the gaps between the mid 1950s and the onset of our final topic of the year –  the Vietnam War. After you are done consulting the resources below, you should be able to discuss how each of the events led to greater tension between the two sides of the developing Cold War. You can take notes if you want – any way you want – if you want!


You all know that the United States was involved in a major military conflict in Vietnam during the Cold War … but why? What was America’s “path to war”? Check out the video below and a few of the links if you have a chance. As you read and watch, make sure that you can summarize the basic ideas and events that led to American involvement in Vietnam.

Focus on the following terms – France, Ho Chi Minh, communism, Ngo Dinh Diem, military advisors, Gulf of Tonkin, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Rolling Thunder

The Causes of the Vietnam War

Check out :
This cool animation
The Vietnam War from the History Channel
Timeline of the Vietnam War
Vietnam Online Timeline

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