LEARNING EXPERIENCE – WAR – What is it good for? May 30/June 1

TARGET – I can explain and evaluate the various reasons why people opposed the war in Vietnam.

America’s involvement in Vietnam was the most controversial issue of the 1960s and 70s, and the war created the most vocal and varied opposition of any war in our country’s history. What were the reasons for this opposition? Why did so many Americans oppose the American involvement in Vietnam? That’s your task for Wednesday / Thursday. 

To begin, read and watch Vietnam War Protests from the History Channel

You will receive a SPECIFIC protest topic that you will share with your fellow protesters in class.  Take a look at the resource(s) and jot down some of the reasons that the topic became controversial during the Vietnam conflict. Make a post on your class bulletin board describing WHY you are opposed to American involvement in Vietnam.

Section 1 / Section 2 / Section 3 / Section 4 / Section 5

Then, create something that you would use to help spread your views at an anti-war rally during the conflict.  You can make a protest sign, a leaflet or pamphlet to hand out, a protest button, a T-shirt – you name it!

  1. Someone who doubts what happened in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, A Somber Lesson
  2. A member of Congress at the Fullbright Hearings
  3. A member of Students for a Democratic Society
  4. Someone who just read about the Pentagon Papers
  5. A citizen shocked about the Credibility Gap / Credibility Gap
  6. A citizen who viewed a report about My Lai 
  7. Someone opposing the Draft / Draft
  8. Someone evading the draft / dodging the draft
  9. conscientious objector
  10. A supporter of Martin Luther King, Jr / MLK Beyond Vietnam
  11. An African American opposing the war
  12. An American opposed to the incursion into Cambodia
  13. A citizen reacting to the The Living Room War / The Living Room War
  14. A member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War / Vietnam Veterans Against the War
  15. Someone who just saw a report on The Tet Offensive
  16. A college professor leading one of the Teach-Ins
  17. A participant in the May Day Protests
  18. A participant in the Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam / Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam
  19. Someone reacting to news about the Kent State shootings / May 4 Shootings at Kent State University
  20. Someone reacting to news from Jackson State
  21. Someone hearing about the Sterling Hall Bombing
  22. Someone opposed to the use of Agent Orange


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