IN CLASS August 30-31 – Why do we need to know about government?

  • I/we can evaluate the importance of studying government.
  • I/we can effectively communicate a thesis or claim in a creative manner.

As social studies teachers, we need your help, American Studies scholars! People- especially teenagers – across the nation don’t see the value in studying government.  They say it’s a boring subject, it doesn’t have any relation to their lives, and they have no say in the government, so why bother learning about it? We feel this attitude needs to be changed – and we are turning to you for help.

We want you to create a 1 minute PSA (public service announcement) convincing teenagers that studying government is necessary.  Your PSA should…

  • Have a CLAIM/thesis or main argument.
  • Offer specific EVIDENCE and real life examples that support your CLAIM/thesis.
  • Tie your EVIDENCE to your CLAIM with clear REASONING
  • Contain a catch phrase that people will remember.
  • Be convincing and creative in its presentation.
  • Be completed in 25 minutes.

Your PSA can be audio (for a radio campaign) or video (for television or streaming).  You should upload it to Youtube and enter the URL in Google classroom.  Put your heads together and get working – our democracy depends on you!


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