Political parties today – Learning experience Rocktober 17-18

I can describe the functions and views of the two major political parties in the United States.

We will be returning to the world of history in a few says, but I know many of you are interested in the world of political parties today – so why not spend a little time with some of the information below?

STEP ONE – Read this disclaimer: When we look at political parties and political views in class and at school, we respect the viewpoints of our classmates and other members of school. Positive, open political discussions are core to our democracy. Name calling and ridiculing are not – and will not be tolerated. We also realize that many online resources are biased about the views of political parties, so all sources must be carefully scrutinized.

STEP TWO – Complete the UNSCIENTIFIC POLITICAL ASSESSMENT FORM – and get a parent or sibling to so it as well! THIS IS ENTIRELY OPTIONAL.

STEP THREE – Find a great definition for POLITICAL PARTIES – and then find another to compare and complete your first definition

STEP FOUR – Check out The Functions of Political Parties – Cliffs Notes, The Functions of Political Parties, and Political Parties: Crash Course Government and Politics

STEP FIVE – Check out the general views of each of the two major political parties and record them on the back of your notes.  This comparison of the two parties comes from their platforms, as does this one  and this one.  You can use On the Issues to find the views of the two major parties –Democratic and Republican.  Diffen has a comparison of the views of each party, If you want to get the official full story from each side, check out the Republican Party Platform and the Democratic Party Platform, officially adopted at the national conventions last summer.

STEP SIX -Want more? Try some more  UNSCIENTIFIC TESTS –  Pew Research Center Political Quiz /  I Side With / Political Typology Quiz / Political Spectrum Quiz

If you want to check out a cool (and biased) infographic, click the image from informationisbeautiful.net. Remember, a lot of what we talk about here will be generalizations, as there are very few absolutes in politics.

You can also watch this video of two not very good rappers rapping …

WHAT ABOUT THIRD PARTIES? Recently, many surveyed  supported the development of a third party.  How about third parties?  Of course, if you really like this stuff and want to learn about some of the other political parties in the United States, check out this comprehensive list from Politics 1 , another list from Project Vote Smart, and the links from DC’s Political Report.  They have some interesting choices for your political appetite, including the Objectivist Party,  the Pirate Party, the Alaskan Independence Party, and my personal favorite, the Light Party.


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