Learning Experience Rocktober 24/25 – get ready for some Manifest Destiny!

On Thursday/Friday we will be examining the geographical expansion of the nation as we see the United States complete it’s Manifest Destiny and expand from sea to shining out can START jotting own some notes! Think about CAUSE AND EFFECT, TURNING POINTS, CHANGE AND CONTINUITY, THROUGH THEIR EYES, and USING THE PAST!

The Oregon Country from Annenberg Learner –FOCUS QUESTIONS – What different groups migrated to the Oregon Country during the early 1800s? How did the United States gain the Oregon Country?

THE ALAMO (great video) from the History Channel and Texas Annexation from Annenberg Learner -FOCUS QUESTIONS – Why did many Americans move to Texas in the early 1800s, and what problem did they have with the Mexican government? What happened in the Texan Revolution, especially at the Alamo? What was controversial about the annexation of Texas?

THE MEXICAN WAR from the History Channel, The Mexican Cession from Annenberg Learner and The Mexican War from Crash Course (end around 7:00)-FOCUS QUESTIONS – What was controversial about the causes of the Mexican War? What was the result and impact of the Mexican War?

What ended Manifest Destiny?  THE GADSDEN PURCHASE … my friend Jimmy Fallon spoke of it once …

Getting the idea of the story of the GROWING NATION?

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