Learning Experience November 3 – Abolition

I can discuss and evaluate the various efforts of abolitionists in the antebellum era.

How did the movement to end slavery begin?  What were some of the ideas and methods of the major abolitionists?  What was the impact of the abolition movement?  All good questions, right?

To examine the development and tactics of the Abolition Movement, your challenge is to use the resources on The Abolition Seminar from NEH to come up with original claim responses to research questions. Support each claim response with general (your words) and specific (quoted words) evidence from source. Try to have at least one general and one specific piece of evidence for each – and maybe limit yourself to three pieces of evidence? Make sure your evidence matches your claim. Use the example as a guide.

*Also, if you find ANY examples of the TLAH areas, note them in a comment. And – look for some POWER LINES!

This can be found on Google Classroom – please submit it when you are done!


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