Learning Experience November 28/29 More Turning Points … and on the road to Gettysburg!

By now, you should have a decent start to your CIVIL WAR TURNING POINTS creative display.  Make sure you have read the directions carefully, along with the rubric that will be used to assess your display.   By Thursday’s combo class, you should have added Fredericksburg, the Emancipation Proclamation and Chancellorsville.  Continue to use the sources available on the Civil War Battle Resources site.

Then … it’s ON THE ROAD TO GETTYSBURG!  We will be there in 145 days (give or take a few), but we need to look at it now to understand the impact of the battle in the course of the Civil War itself!  To prepare …

Read “On the Road to Gettysburg” and get mentally prepared to learn about the greatest battle in the Civil War on Thursday.  If you didn’t get the handout, download the Union DOC PDF or Confederate DOC PDF version.

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