Preapartion December 4 – We are headed to Kenosha …

We are headed to the Kenosha Civil War Museum on Tuesday – it should be awesome!

You are out of uniform, but no shorts, sweats, ripped clothing, hats, or quadratic formula t-shirts. Make sure you are warm enough and that you look presentable. Bring a packed lunch (no nuts, please) to your ADVISOR’S  ROOM Tuesday morning WITH YOUR NAME ON IT. Let Taft know if you need a lunch. Also, bring your AmStud notebook, a cell phone and a PENCIL (no pens) on the bus – yes, you will be doing some writing.

We have three activities planned at the museum.  Hopefully we can figure out some other ways to have a little fun at the museum – but our major goal is to learn learn learn, cuz learning is cool.


Are you ready to see the elephant tomorrow in Kenosha? That’s one of our goals when we visit the Civil War Museum tomorrow.  You will also be examining the words of the men (and a few women) in blue and gray and trying to learn a little bit about their story. One of your tasks to prepare is to check out the soldier life material available on AHR and come to school on Tuesday with ONE QUESTION you hope to have answered a the museum.

How do you prepare? Make sure you complete the Why Fight handout, focusing on the motivations of soldiers on both sides of the war. Then, spend 25 minutes or so taking some notes from the various sites and podcasts available on the Civil War Soldier site. You can also listen to my Civil War Soldier Podcast for more info.


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