In Class February 2/5 – Organized Labor!

We have seen the side of the guys making the big bucks … but what about the men (and women and children) that were toiling in the factories during the age of industrial growth? Let’s find out …

To begin, check out Organized Labor from US History to find out the major complaints of workers in the Gilded Age and the early formation of unions.

Now it’s time to negotiate.  You will be given a role – LABOR or MANAGEMENT.  Read the situation carefully, talk with your fellow laborers of managers, and get mentally preapred to negotiate a successful contract.

Once the negotiating is over, consult Labor vs. Management from US History to review the conflict between the two groups.

Still want more (and have some time)? Play the Labor in the Gilded Age simulation from Text Adventures. It has some solid content but some so-so graphics and text.

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