Learning Experience for Feb 14-15 – American Imperialism

I can describe and evaluate the causes, events, and impact of American imperialism.

We will have a quick drive by  about American imperialism in our next class –  not because the topic isn’t important, but more due to the calendar and the amount of time allotted to NHD.  It’s a decent trade off, if you ask me.

While the US was pushing for reform at home, the country was also expanding abroad in the era of IMPERIALISM.  Should the US have been an imperial nation?  That’s our essential question!  How will we answer it?

We will be examining editorial cartoons in our next class regarding American imperialism.  To be PREPARED for the activity, you should spend 30 minutes (yup, it’s timed) watching America in the 20th Century: America Becomes a World Power (usmstudent, wildcats).  As you watch, consider the reasons why the United States became an expansionist country in the late 1800s, and then consider each example of American imperialism – ESPECIALLY THE SPANISH AMEIRCAN WAR.  Should the US have been an imperial nation? That’s your goal!


Want more? Check out our friend John Green!

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