Assignment April 2 – Goodbye, Roaring 20s – Hello, Depressing 30s!

Hope you did okay in the stock market today, young historian! You got a little crazy there, didn’t it? Crazy enough to cause the greatest financial crisis in American history? Let’s find out.

Obviously, we are moving from the roaring 20s to the very depressing 30s – the Great Depression. To prepare for our next class, your task is to spend some time looking at some basic information about the Great Depression – some arguments for studying it, some general statements and statistics, and an overview of the causes of the economic disaster. Use the document provided in class and the blend space here to get some background knowledge.

In our next class, we will take a look at some of the statistics of the depression, the causes, and how President Hoover handled – or didn’t handle – the challenges of the nation.



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