Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.22.35 AMWorld War II is one of the most investigated, filmed, discussed, debated, and beloved parts of America’s story – in other words, it is COMPELLING – and the topic has countless stories that have been told (and not told) in books, movies, music, television series, and more.   There is a WWII story for everyone – for some, more than others – and you have the opportunity to develop a presentation for a COMPELLING STORY involving America and World II.  Your topic should be narrow in nature, you can use a few great resources to research your story, and you can can tell your story in ANY WAY YOU WANT! Your story can be an actual story (creative in nature) or more of a content presentation – whatever the case, you will not only want to tell the story, but also tell WHY WE SHOULD CARE ABOUT THE STORY!

Similar to NHD, start with a broad topic, like D-day, and then get narrow – like the story of General Eisenhower and his leadership during D-Day.

It’s sort of a mini-NHD, but without the limitation of the theme, the huge expectations, the competition, and the intense judging process

How will you find out what topic you want to choose?  Play around with some of the sites below – they are chock full of cool stuff.

How will you be assessed?

I can present a compelling and important story supported with historical evidence.

  • Is your topic and story compelling or basic?
  • Did you consult a few decent resources (beyond wikipedia or a simple Google search) to find out possible answers?
  • Did you cite the resources?
  • Did you use historical detail and evidence to tell your story?
  • Did you relate the importance of the story to the viewer?

I can clearly, creatively, and effectively communicate a story.

  • Did you present your findings completely in a creative, clear and original manner?
  • Did you use correct mechanics and conventions if utilizing a written medium? Attractive graphics and video if utilizing a visual medium?
  • Is the story presented in a captivating way … or is it boring?

Once you have decided your topic, fill in the form below!

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