BAR EXAM ONLINE REVIEW – Wednesday Rocktober 17

I will be live shortly after the Brewers game ends – hopefully around 8:00.  You can click on this link to get to the stream, or is hopefully works in the video below.

Use the chat function in YouTube to ask any questions. Make sure you log in with your first name and last initial or your school google id.  I don’t have to remind you about proper etiquette in an online forum.

This should be for any final questions you may have about the content.  After the stream, get some ice cream, read a book, play a game, and go to bed!  Get a good night’s sleep!

You will take your test in your English or History class.  If you have both AmStud classes, you should check you email for your switched class.

And don’t freak out – you got this!


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