The Growing Nation – WHY DOES IT MATTER?

After checking out Thinking Like a Historian – The Growing Nation and watching some of the super cool videos available about the early 1800s, it’s time to respond to the million dollar question – WHY DOES IT MATTER?

You can present your analysis in any format of your choice, digital or not. You don’t have to do a board game or play for this one, as it is not a huge target display. Your goal is to offer an general overview or choose some specific topics from the past and explain how they matter today with some actual evidence, and possibly some links that support your assertion.

Possible specific topics to consider
Washington’s Presidency – not examined in class, but wide open
The Louisiana Purchase
American and Foreign Policy – general or specific – The War of 1812, the Monroe Doctrine
The Growth of Democracy
The Age of Jackson – general or specific topics (done mostly on video)
Economic Growth, The Market Economy, technology and transportation
Social Growth (or lack thereof) of a certain group – women, workers, immigrants
Geographic Expansion – in general, or a specific topic
Manifest Destiny, the Texan Revolution, the Mexican War … even the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Cultural Growth (art, literature) and Reform Movements – not examined in class, but wide open
Anything else?

Topics that are off limits
Political parties – that’s Taft’s example
Slavery – that’s coming up

You can add your response to this documents or provide a digital version on Google Classroom. There are a few more links available online for assistance with the era.

Here’s a brief example for the first political parties – take a gander:

I would expect more than one topic, but you can’t do everything from the time period!


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