Show What You Know – The Edge of the Precipice

Ready to show what you know, young Civil War historians? You will have a 20 minute quiz on Wednesday/Thursday concerning the targets below:

I can use perspective to explain how events between the Compromise of 1850 and the Election of 1860 led to the secession of southern states.
I can explain varying interpretations of the long term causes of the Civil War and evaluate the importance of slavery as a principal cause of the conflict.

What should you study? Simple – The Edge of the Precipice notes and reading, Why the Civil War activity, and the ideas presented in the “WHY SECEDE?” intro from Doc and Taft. (Basically – why did seven Southern states secede?)

Think there will be a big section on the election of 1860? Yes, there will. Guaranteed because it’s THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN AMERICAN HISTORY (hand slam)!

Here are a bunch of awesome resources if you need more info – great stuff online about the coming of the Civil War!

And … here is a tired tired Taft babbling his way through a review (I do like to talk about this stuff!) IGNORE THE REFERENCES TO TIMES IN CLASS AND THE DIFFERENT ROLES – THAT WAS FROM LAST YEAR!

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