In class December 6/10 – The Civil War Home Front – In Two Voices

As you should understand by now, the Civil War home front was not the easiest place to live for people in the Union and Confederacy.  Each side struggled in various aspects of daily life – some common, and some different.  To represent these contrasting experiences, you and your partner(s) will create a POEM IN TWO VOICES. Your poem should use historical details, contain creativity and emotion, and successfully demonstrate your ability to hit the learning target – I can compare and contrast the challenges and contributions on the home front in the North and South.

You will not be able to convey every aspect of the home front, so key on 1-3 major ideas.

You can use this document to plan your poem or hand write our poem.  Your final product should both printed and spoken, recorded, and eventually posted on Google Classroom. Add any awesome flourishes that you want to help tell the story of the home front.


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