In Class December 17/18 – Did the Union win … or did the Confederacy lose?

Four long years, over 620,000 dead, even more casualties, part of the nation in ruins, and an entire segment of the population freed for the first time – the results of the Civil War are almost impossible to understand in 2018. We saw the war unfold before winter break, and we know the result if the war … but why did war end up with a Union victory and Confederate defeat? Let’s put our head’s together (and ask some other experts) and discuss!

Come up with a “possibility factor” of the Confederacy winning the war, with a “0” meaning they had no chance at all no matter what they did and a “100” meaning they could have totally won the war but made too many mistakes. Place your names near the location of your factor on the following drawing – Section 1 / Section 2 / Section 5 / Section 6 / Section 7

Come up with some great plausible “What ifs?” that could have changed the course of the war.

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