Learning Experience – Analyzing the Industrialists

Though a century has passed since the heyday of the great industrialists and financiers of the Gilded Age, the debate continues: were these men captains of industry, without whom this country could not have taken its place as a great industrial power, or were they robber barons, limiting healthy competition and robbing from the poor to benefit the rich? Where do we draw the line between unfair business practices and competition that leads to innovation, investment, and improvement in the standard of living for everyone? Would the industrial economy have succeeded without entrepreneurs willing to take competition to its extremes?

It’s your chance to take a stand on this issue and state your case.  Using the four sets of resources (SOURCES – PRIMARY / SECONDARY / TOONS / STATS ) your preparation task is to take some notes on both sides of the historical argument – were the great industrialists Captains of Industry or Robber Barons? Then, develop an opinion and a few convincing and detailed statements to add to an online discussion about this topic.

Of course, you can make connections to the present here to add to your overall sketchnotes and links to today!


The links below come from “The Men Who Built America”, a recent History Channel documentary.  Check out more about your individual!

Want more?  Take a lookyloo at  The Wealthiest Americans Ever – New York Times and The 20 Richest People Of All Time

Even more?

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