WE CAN DO IT! The WWII Home Front – for May 6/7

“War is no longer simply a battle between armed forces in the field. It is a struggle in which each side strives to bring to bear against the enemy the coordinated power of every individual and of every material resource at its command. The conflict extends from the soldier in the front line to the citizen in the remotest hamlet in the rear.”  

American government report from 1939

The American home front was essential to the success of the US and the Allies in World War II, so one of our essential questions must be about the Home Front – right?  Check out the reading guide handed out in class.

Examine the content checklist first, and then tackle the reading about  Pearl Harbor: Galvanizing the Nation Rationing and War Bonds – Daily Life During the War and Division and Unity – The Internal Conflicts , all from Jackdaw Publications. Complete these before returning to school after DC.

Want to do a little role play ion the home front?

What was the household like on the home front?  Check it out!

You can also check out the video below for a little home front info …

And, of course, our good AHR friend John Green …

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