America enters Vietnam – preparation for May 29-30

You all know that the United States was involved in a major military conflict in Vietnam during the Cold War … but why? What was America’s “path to war”? Check out the video below and a few of the links if you have a chance. As you read and watch, SUMMARIZE  the basic ideas and events that led to American involvement in Vietnam in a written paragraph.

USE THE FOLLOWING TERMS IN YOUR PARAGRAPH: WWII, Vietnam, France, Ho Chi Minh, communism,Eisenhower, domino theory, independence, division of Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem, NLF, Kennedy, military advisors, military coup, Johnson, Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, Rolling Thunder, ground troops

The Causes of the Vietnam War

Throughout the year, we spent some time learning about and reflecting on the life, challenges, impact, and sacrifices of the men and women who served the United States in our various military conflict. While we do not have a great deal of time to spend on the soldiers in the Vietnam War, it is important to examine their experience to understand the conflict, their sacrifice, and the honor they deserve … especially with  our trip to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in April, our March to the Memorials, and Memorial Day on Monday. If you have the chance (and desire) please spend some time this weekend examining some of the resources below. And, if you get the chance, read To Heal a Nation on Monday – it’s a perfect time to do so.

Sources …

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