Your chapter in America’s Story – A POP UP MUSUEM!

TARGET – I can clearly represent and present my American story in oral and written form. 

I was first exposed to the concept of the pop-up museum at the NCSS conference in Boston in 2014. As I sat in a great presentation by Melissa Nies and Michelle DelCarlo, it became quickly apparent that this was something that would be a great opener for our examination of America’s story – I even tweeted the idea that day in November!

The concept of a pop-up museum  is exactly what it sounds like – A collection of artifacts that are brought impromptu to a location, leading to a museum that “pops up” where there was not one before. On Thursday and Friday, our Pop Up Museum  will be devoted to the idea of the America’s story. I would like you to bring in some sort of artifact or a mini exhibit that represents your American story, your family’s American story, or part of the American story that is important to you.  You can have a picture, an object, a document, or a combination of all of them! You should also have a written (typed) interpretation of your artifact, no bigger than one side of a page. Your goal in your pop up exhibit is to represent and explain something that helps tell your American story, and/or your vision of America’s story.  

You will be presenting your artifact in a gallery walk, and collectively we will see and discuss an incredible array of personal connections to America’s story!

There is no need for a huge elaborate display – the artifact(s) and a printed summary is fine. Want to see an example? Check out Taft’s historical artifacts.

Your parents are invited – so be prepared to tell your story!

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