THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE – Some home learning about the big doc for Sep 5/6

  • I can summarize the main ideas and important points of The Declaration of Independence
  • I can explain and evaluate the relevance of the Declaration of Independence.


As mentioned in class, the Declaration of Independence is, without a doubt, the greatest artifact in America’s story. It’s the most important document in American history, according to a national poll, we celebrate (in some fashion) every year, and you will see it in a little over . But, it was written 242 years ago … does it still matter today?  Your task for our next class is to dig in to the text of the DOI using the AWESOME “Notice and Note” signposts that you have used in classes before. The instructions and document are shared on Google Docs, and you should have a copy in your GDrive. Wade through the 1,458 words of the document to really analyze the ideas and claims of Thomas Jefferson and the Second Continental Congress. (BROWSE THROUGH THE LONG LIST OF GRIEVANCES – OK?) You can also use this podcast from Colonial Williamsburg to help as you read!

Once you are done, think about what the DOI says, what it means, what it symbolizes, what it stands for, how it relates to you, and then come to our next class class with some ideas about this question –

Does the Declaration of Independence still matter today?

Want to extend your learning? Check out The User’s Guide to the Declaration of Independence  – has a great interactive site detailing the political philosophy of the DOI. Check it out!Want some DOI fun?  Check out “Too Late to Apologize” from the folks at Soomo Publishing- the lyrics are available as well! (As a history teacher, I think I am required to show you this.)

If you are a football fan, check this out !  You can also check out 9 Things You May Not Know About the Declaration of Independence and What you might not know about the Declaration of Independence from one of my fave history guys, Kenneth C. Davis.

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