TARGET – I can evaluate the government’s impact on my life.

Yeah, yeah, this is a history class … but it’s also a civics class, because you can’t learn about America’s story without looking at the role of the government.  Why do we need a government? It’s a simple question, isn’t it?  That’s the key query as we start the school year by checking out the growth of our system of rule in the good old US of A.  How do you begin?


Think about your life for (almost) 24 hours – from wake up to wake up, or from dinner to dinner, or from loving history to loving history (that’s all the time, right?) List every way the government has an effect on your average everyday life.  Be creative, use detailed bullet points on your handout, spend 5-10 minutes talking about it with your parents, brainstorm with a friend … you may win the challenge with the most (and most creative) examples.

Also – post AT LEAST ONE example on the bulletin board for your class below … but you can’t repeat anyone else’s post! (You should be able to hit the plus button on the bottom right to post.)

Section 1 – How does the government affect me?
Section 2 – How does the government affect me?
Section 5 – How does the government affect me?
Section 6 – How does the government affect me?
Section 7 – How does the government affect me?

NEXT, check out some more theoretical explanations about government by checking out the following reading from iCivics about two famous philosopher-dudes, Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. As you do, come up with a definition of the SOCIAL CONTRACT – in your head, on paper, on your laptop, on the back of your hand … your choice!

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