RATIFICATION! Learning experience for September 17/18

“Probably the most intellectual debate we have ever had in this country” … “nothing less that American big bang” … “the first time in world history anything like that happened” … 

Those are power lines. aren’t they! When the Constitution was written and signed, the debate wasn’t over – FAR FROM IT!  The document was sent to the states for approval, and the discussion became more intense that the one in Philly. We will feel that intensity in our next class – how? MORE ARGUING!

For our next activity, we will look at the conflicting views of the Federalists and Anti-Federalists in regards to ratifying the Constitution.  To prepare …

  • READ “The Ratification Conflict” handout to find out how the Constitution got from Philly to the people (it wasn’t easy).
  • READ “The Federalist Debate” from iCivics, noting the two sides of the debate and their basic background.
  • CHECK OUT some of the information below to begin filling in the views of the Federalists and Anti-Federalists on your comparison page. (This won’t be complete – spend about 10 minutes on this)
  • ANALYZE the two arguments on your Ratification Conflict handout and REPHRASE each into a clear, concise, and powerful statement about the Constitution.  
  • To push your CREATIVITY, turn it into one or two lines from a rap battle. Word.


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