WHAT’S NEXT TO DO? DIVE INTO ARTICLE II! (More awesome poetry)

We will see this joint in April!

We have hit the basics of Congress – so now it’s time to head to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! To prepare for our next class, you have some “must dos”, some “can dos”, some “fun dos”,  and some “holy smokes I really love this government stuff dos”.

MUST DO – Complete Article II of the Constitution analysis, focusing on the targets – it’s so much shorter than Article I! Also, pay some attention to the news to see what President Trump is doing, not doing, saying, and not saying.

CAN DO –  Check out Crash Course – Presidential Powers for some more info!

FUN DO –  – Play one four-year term of  Executive Command – it will give you an idea of all that the President has to do!  If you want a couple of Executive Branch links,  you came to the right place … The Executive Branch | The White House / Federal Executive Branch | USA.gov / Presidential Fun Facts

HOLY SMOKES I REALLY LIKE THIS GOVERNMENT STUFF DO – Like trivia?  Try out Taft’s Presidential Trivia #1?  Good times learning about the Chief Executives … and I am sure there are some Jolly Ranchers in store for the people that get the answers all right!

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