Hopefully you are still curious about how the First Amendment and the courts both protect and limit your rights … and you want more!  Tonight, dive into the remaining parts of the Bill of Rights by using the video below to jot down some notes on each. We will have a fun activity to discuss these amendments in our next class.

For a few of the amendments, try to come up with some more situations or “What ifs?” – and try to make them applicable to you!

Section 1 Section 2 /Section 5 /Section 6 /Section 7 

Once you are done with Amendments 2-10, post your most and least important Amendments in the form below!

MY NEW FAVORITE BILL OF RIGHTS GAME – That’s Your Right! from Annenberg

How about a little more Bill of Rights fun, and a great way to test your understanding (and the speed of your mouse clicks)?  Give Do I Have a Right? from iCivics a whirl.  You will have to login, and take a look at the tutorial.  Make sure you improve your waiting area and get the Cafe++ … and move quickly.   My high score last night was 4950 points – beat that.

And imagine – what would life be without the Bill of Rights?  And play this  Bill of Rights game! And this Bill of Rights game! And this Bill of Rights game!

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