Learning Experience December 9/10 – Spend some time wth A Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln – Judging by the number of books written about him, I think we can all agree that he’s a pretty famous guy, right? How do we view him in our society today?  Is he well remembered?  Highly regarded?  Where is rated in comparison to other presidents? Check out the crossroads he faced as President.  Are you looking for Lincoln? What’s the deal with Lincoln suspending Habeas Corpus and this great Habeas Corpus video? How did he do as Commander in Chief? What about his speeches – were they “fitly spoken”?  Did his views on freedom change over the course of the war?  Was there evidence of an unpopular Mr. Lincoln? This is kind of cool – What are America’s perspectives on Lincoln today?

Abraham Lincoln

Some other great videos – Lincoln as Commander in Chief / The Humor of Lincoln / The Other Side of Lincoln – Lincoln’s Depression / Abraham Lincoln’s Family Life

Spend some time (20-25 minutes) with A. Lincoln by watching some videos and checking out the materials above. Then, submit FIVE WORDS that you feel describe Abraham Lincoln in this form.We will chat about our 16th president in our next class.

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