BACK TO HISTORY! A Preview of RECONSTRUCTION for January 24/27

How does a nation rebuild after it is torn in two? Can it be rebuilt? That’s the challenge of the newly “reunited” United States after the Civil War … and the era of Reconstruction is not only a major chapter in America’s story, but still resonates today.

In order to begin examining the success and/or failure of Reconstruction, we need to get some idea of what happened in the time between 1865 and 1877. To do so, your task for next class is to watch the videos below and read “Comparing Reconstruction Plans” to get a general overview of the era.  Start to consider the idea of Reconstruction being a success or a failure in bringing the nation back together and helping African Americans adjust to citizenship. Your task is to come to class on Friday/Monday with ONE WORD to describe Reconstruction, ONE COMMENT you have about what you watched, and ONE QUESTION you have about the Reconstruction Era. Post your WORD, COMMENT, and QUESTION on this form!


Reconstruction from the History Channel

Taft’s overview of the Recon Amendments, Common Craft style.

John Green and his Crash Course on Recon – he talks so fast, but he is way more entertaining than Taft

Why President Johnson was impeached – good to know … especially when you consider current events!

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