IMPERIALISM DEBATE – In the 50s in March!

I can discuss the the positives and negatives of American imperialism at the turn of the century.

I can successfully and effectively prepare for and participate in an academic discussion.

How do you hit these targets (and learn a ton in the process)?

  • You prepare, making sure you have details, statistics, quotes, multiple arguments.
  • You participate, making sure you stay on task, support your statements, listen to others, use the back-channel properly and effectively.
  • You have a positive impact on the discussion/debate, refraining from personal attacks, put downs, nit picking approaches, and buffoonery.
  • You reflect on your participation and your learning during and after the discussion. 

In your next 50 minute afternoon class, we will examine American imperialism in more detail as we have a fun little discussion about the United States “spreading its wings” at the turn of the 20th century.

 The class will be divided into two groups, with one side defending the affirmative to the question and one side defending the negative.  Each individual will be responsible for a general understanding of the Age of Imperialism through the preview video.  In addition, each individual will become an expert on one area or example of American imperialism.  You will be responsible for developing a DEBATE PREPARATION SHEET in which you create a statement of facts, identify what aspects and details of your argument you will use in the debate, identify possible ways in which the opposing side will challenge you and how you will respond, and identify specific questions that you will ask the opposing side to strengthen your argument. Your DEBATE PREPARATION SHEET must be completed by the beginning of the debate – and you will be evaluated on your preparation, as well as your participation in the debate. 

As you prepare, think about the list we created at the beginning of class about American involvement in foreign affairs.  Consult the online sources available below  in order to be prepared.  Look for statistics, primary source quotes, and detailed events that can strengthen the impact of your arguments!’

SOME SOURCES (You can use any others – just make sure you cite any stats, primary or secondary statements, and images. )

General sources on American Imperialism – The Age of Imperialism / The United States Becomes a World Power

Hawaii – The Annexation of Hawaii from Digital History,  Americans overthrow Hawaiian monarchy from History, The Annexation of Hawaii from the Library of Congress

The Spanish American War – The Spanish American War from Digital History,  Spanish-American War from History,  Spanish American War from the National Museum of American History

China and the Open Door – Secretary of State John Hay and the Open Door in China, 1899–1900 from the Department of State, The Boxer Rebellion from Small Planet, Open Door Policy for China fromHistory Central, Open Door Policy Cartoon, Boxer Rebellion cartoon

The Philippine Revolution – The Philippines from Digital History, The Philippine American War from the Department of State, Crucible of Empire – Revolt in the Philippines- from PBS Online, Philippine Independence Declared from History,  Crucible of Empire – Aguinaldo captured by U.S. troops“Another ‘Large Draft on our Credulity” cartoon

Panama – “A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama” from Digital History, TR and the Panama Canal from American Experience, The Panama Canal from Small Planet, Panama declares independence from History, “Held Up The Wrong Man” – Panama Cartoon

Involvement in Latin America – Policing the Caribbean and Central America from Digital History, Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine, 1904 from the Department of State, U.S. Intervention in Latin America from Small Planet,  Dollar Diplomacy, 1909–1913 from the Department of State

Mexico and Pancho Villa

Roosevelt, Wilson, and the Morality of PowerAmerican President: President Woodrow Wilson: Foreign Affairs , Wilson and Foreign Affairs

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