Prepare to go “OVER THERE” as a member of the AEF! for March 6/9

You should have a solid understanding of America’s entry into the Great War, including the rationale outlined by Woodrow Wilson in his war message to Congress. You also should understand the role that Americans played o the home front during WWI and how the war changed the lives of so many.

Now it’s time to go “Over There” and become part of the AEF – The American Expeditionary Force.  To prepare for your class experience ON MONDAY (everyone), please carefully read Welcome to the AEF, using this  reading guide to direct you.  We will find out the challenges that the men faced in the trenches on the Western Front.

Make sure you listen to “Over There” by George Cohen – it’s a classic! (And you may be singing it …)

If you can, make sure you have a cell phone, download HP Reveal (Android iOS).

We will meet on the ship to head “Over There”, and then it’s into the trenches of the Western Front.

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