Want some more from the trenches?

So, Doughboy – how were the trenches? After today’s class, you hopefully have an idea about the challenges AmericanS had when they were part of the trench warfare in World War I – and remember, they didn’t have it nearly as bad as the other Allies (or the Germans)! Want to learn more?  I did, so I went to France and Belgium to find out all about WWI on the Western Front.  You can see some of my experiences on my travel blog at http://overthereoverhere.weebly.com.

Do YOU want more? Check out the sites listed below.

SOME AWESOME INTERACTIVES FROM the ABMC! U.S. Divisions Under Allied Command, Flying Yanks: American Airmen in World War I, Ypres-Lys Offensive, The Meuse-Argonne Offensive Interactive

Trenches on the Web

Some info on the AEF and their battles from Creating America

Want some actual letters from the trenches?  Check out …

Want some games? 

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