WE CAN DO IT! The American Home Front in WWII


“War is no longer simply a battle between armed forces in the field. It is a struggle in which each side strives to bring to bear against the enemy the coordinated power of every individual and of every material resource at its command. The conflict extends from the soldier in the front line to the citizen in the remotest hamlet in the rear.”   American government report from 1939

You can print this, or just make a two column chart on a blank piece of paper. It’s better to hand write this one!

The American home front was essential to the success of the US and the Allies in World War II, so one of our essential questions must be about the Home Front – right?  We are looking at how Americans affected the war, and how the war affected Americans on the home front. So, spend 30 minutes jotting down some ideas as you check out the resources below. You can print out this doc, or simply create a two column chart on blank paper. Watch your time … and, if you want some background music? Or try this playlist!

Listen to this overview!

Check out The Home Front During WWII – a short video from the History Channel

Propaganda posters played a huge role on the WWII home front – and tell a lot about the relationship between the public and the war!

Want to do a little role play on the home front?

What was the household like on the home front?  Check it out!

How Japanese Americans Were Forced Into Concentration Camps During WWII  from the History Channel

You can also check out the video below for a little home front info …

And, of course, our good AHR friend John Green … IF YOU HAVE TIME!!!

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