THE LEGACY OF WWII in America’s Story


The most important global event in the 20th century had a huge impact on the United States specifically and on the world in general.  What was the legacy of the war?  Why should we learn about WWII?

To begin, watch “After the War” from Discovery Education (usmstudent, wildcats) and complete  “The Legacy of WWII” on Google Classroom to get the basics of the impact of WWII.

Then, START creating a ONE PAGER about the REMEMBERING WWII. Why does our study of the war matter? What was the impact of the war then, and now? What was said about the war that resonates today? You will do all of this on ONE PAGE of blank paper, drawn and written BY HAND! What should be on your ONE PAGE? This can be completed AFTER our next class meeting

  • A visible title
  • At least two visual symbols that represents WWII
  • At least two written quotations that show the legacy of the war
  • References (written and illustrated) to any essential info about the war at home and the war abroad
  • References (written and illustrated) to the impact and legacy of the war
  • Connections between the past and the present
  • Your awesome creativity

You can check out the resources below to add to your understanding of the overall impact of the second World War.

Want to be blown away?  Check out either (or both) of these videos below – the numbers are huge …

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