The US Constitution – Help with your Constitution assignments

The Constitution from the National Archives – the exact transcript for the home of the Constitution.

The Constitution from Creating AmericaArticle I Article II Article III-VII – a decent annotated version of the supreme law of the land -not as detailed and cool as the next two, but it’s pretty serviceable!

The Heritage Guide to the Constitution – This may be the best, most comprehensive line by line analysis of the Constitution.  If you struggle on a certain section of the document, head here and click on the specific section – it should help you greatly!

The National Constitution Center: Interactive Constitution – Philly’s great museum and education center also has an interactive analysis of the Constitution, providing section by section analysis and summary. The Articles don’t have as much analysis as the Amendments, as they are improving the site.

Prentice Hall has an interactive  Constitution as well.  It isn’t a jazzy as the ones above, but it is still pretty helpful in dissecting the document.

There are also some great apps out there that can help!


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