The Civil War Soldier


What was life like for the Civil War soldier?  Would you have wanted to put on the blue or gray and fight in the war between the states? In Kenosha, you will be seeing, learning, and living some different aspects of the life of a Civil War soldier. In order to give you a little background about a soldier’s life, complete the following activities:

Make sure you complete “WHY FIGHT?”. It’s a great way to look at the question of what motivated soldiers to join the army, stay in the army, and fight when the bullets flew.

On the reverse of “WHY FIGHT?” (or on any other paper) begin a set of notes about different aspects of life as a Civil War soldier. You can use this information for an easy target display that you will hear about later. In your notes, think about the basic background of soldiers, information about life in the camp, thoughts about battle and motivation, and anything else that strikes your fancy.  

Your resources?

MUST SEE!  Check put these interactive info-graphics – “Who They Were”“How They Died”,  and “Weapons of War” watch out for those minie balls.

Super cool videos – Confederate vs. Union SoldiersCivil War Tech, from the History Channel

Awesome CWPT Civil war in 4 minutes videos – / Battlefield Death / Infantry Tactics /
Medicine / Battlefield Death

8 Unusual Civil War Weapons from the History Channel

Want to wear a A Civil War Union Soldier’s Uniform?

Camp Life at Gettysburg

Listen to the Civil War soldier podcast – here is the text, ignore any reference to days

Union Soldiers and  Confederate Soldiers from Civil War

Wisconsin Civil War History and the Iron Brigade

Civil War artifacts

The Interactive Civil War Soldier from PA Civil War 150

Your goal is to come to Kenosha with a solid background on the Civil War soldier.